Portrait of Joseph Booth I have been programming since my hallmate at Rider college dragged me to the computer room back in the late 70's. I've used a variety of programming languages, including BASIC, Clipper, FoxPro, Delphi, Classic ASP, Visual Basic, and Visual C#. I've also worked in various database platforms, including DBASE, Paradox, Oracle, and SQL-Server from version 6.5 up through SQL 2012.

I have written seven computer books on Clipper and FoxPro programming, Network Programming, and Client/Server development with Delphi. The newest one is PDF/Kindle book introducing Visual Studio Add-ins, which should be available soon. I also wrote several third-party developer tools, including CLIPWKS which allowed the ability to programmatically create and read native Lotus and Excel spreadsheet files from Clipper applications.

I worked for a number of companies including Sperry Univac, MCI-WorldCom, Ronin, Harris Interactive, Thomas Jefferson University, Integra, Opinion Research Corporation, People Metrics, and Investor Force. I am one of the primary authors of Results for Research (market research software), PEPSys (industrial distribution software) and a key contributor to AccuBuild (accounting software for the construction industry) I also have a background in accounting as well, having worked as a controller for several years in the industrial distribution field, although my real passion is programming the computer

In my spare time, I am an avid tennis player and a crazy soccer player (I play goalie). I also practice yoga and martial arts (holding a brown-belt in Judo).