Class Doc

I just added Visual Studio Add-in ClassDoc, because I frequently inherited an undocumented class and wanted to find out what I could use it for. Check out the Visual Studio page to download it.

jQuery Mobile

I've been playing with jQuery Mobile lately to make website development for mobile device easier and with less development effort. I've converted the entire Visual Studio page over to use it instead, if you want to see how a basic jQuery mobile site looks. I've found two things so far:

I've not yet played with the theme aspects to get better colors and fonts, by the theme builder tool looks like it will do all the hard work for me. All in all, I like it, you can find out more at jQuery Moble.

Gwyedd Mercy tennis

My daughter Kellie's tennis team recently played in the CASC championship round, and unfortunately lost to Marywood. They played very well and had a great season. They are also a nice group of young ladies. I am particularly proud that Kellie was selected to the All Sportsmanship team for the CASC. It is nice that she is competitive and plays a good tennis game, but it means more to me that she is gracious and a good sport on the court. You can see some pictures of the girls taken by John Davis at a recent tournament.