Clipper book Clipper was originally created in 1985 as a compiler for dBASE III, a very popular database language at the time. In 1989, I joined co-authors Greg Lief & Craig Yellick to write a book about Clipper. The book proved very popular as Clipper grew and proved itself to be robust choice for business application development. Many third-party products were developed to support Clipper, which was a very extensible language.

Although Clipper is not in active use today, some people are still supporting applications written in it. I also wrote a few different third party products for Clipper, and they are available for free download for the taking (no registration required). Simply click on the link to find out more and to download the products if you need them, or just have a nostaglic curiosity of the good ole DOS programming days.

The Clipper language lives on (great products never die) in the Harbour Project, a free open source, multi-platform Clipper compiler