About...Harris Interactive

As part of the Web Reporting Group, involved in all aspects of database and web development and the maintenance of survey data collected and displayed via Web Portals for large, corporate clients. Responsibilities included data collection and recoding from a variety of external sources, query design and optimization, and data export/reporting. Designed and coded procedures, functions, and VB applications to support and improve the data quality for the web portals presentation to the end-user.

Also designed and programmed much of the front-end portals the end-user interacted with, including ASP code to report summarized cross tabs, verbatim answer searches, and custom reporting engines. The primary development environment was Classic ASP and JavaScript (and Ajax) for front-end, and SQL Server 2005 for database. Much of the behind the scenes code (such as Powerpoint and PDF generation) was written in C# and new functionality was added using ASP.Net with a C# code-base.